Keys & Access Cards
  1. All tenants must have an active Toko Office Space access card to use the space.
  2. Access card may not be shared or transferred to another tenant or guest at any time. If you would like to transfer access card / keys to a different name, please contact Toko Office Space personnel.
  3. Your access card opens the ‘staff only’ door at level 1 and your designated level and lot. Per our Rate Card, a Replacement Fee will be charged for any lost access card or key.
  4. The Toko Office Space can suspend a tenant’s access card if their account is 7 days past due.
  5. Tenant shall return all keys at the termination of its tenancy and shall be responsible for the cost of replacing any keys that are lost.

Note: If a key is lost or stolen, the lock controlling access to the unit must be changed to maintain the required security level. The cost of this change will be billed to the tenant responsible.
Replacement keys will not be provided until restitution for the lost key is complete.

  1. All users agree to be bound by these guidelines at all times they are on Toko Office Space premises or are utilising Urban Space facilities.
  2. Users of wireless Internet services are required to be considerate of other user. Toko Office Space supplies wireless Internet and public access Internet on the following Terms and Conditions. By using these services, Users agree to these Terms and Conditions.
  3. Toko Office Space reserves the right to terminate Internet and access privileges of any User who an authorized Toko Office Space personnel considers, in their discretion, is in breach of these Terms and Conditions.
  1. Bookings may be made by telephone / WhatsApp / website.
  2. User must vacate their workstation once their allotted time is finished.
Cost and eligibility
  1. Additional sessions are subject to availability and chargeable.
Cancelation & Refund policy
  1. 72 hours and above prior to arrival date (i.e. check-in date): For confirmed or guaranteed bookings/reservations, an administration fee on the total room charge will be levied.
  2. Below 72 hours prior to the arrival date (i.e. check-in date): For confirmed or guaranteed bookings/reservations, strictly no refunds.
  3. If you would like to review, make changes on your reservation, please contact us immediately at or call 016-8354058, we allow you to postpone the preferred available date without any charges.
  4. The refund will be made automatically to the customer’s credit/debit card within 7 working days.
  1. Tenancy tenure that is above 3 months, a 1 -month rental deposit is required.
  2. Any amendment to confirmed tenancy tenure, rental is collected in full for unoccupied period.
  3. Accept payment via Cash Payment, Cheque, Debit / Credit Card, Boost apps or bank transfer, our company’s bank account

Beneficiary Name: TOKOJAYA SDN BHD
Account Number: 3081000526